Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc. Opens New Office

Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc., the largest child abuse prevention organization in the state, held an Open House at their new headquarters in Hamilton on October 24. State Senator Peter Inverso presided over the ribbon cutting ceremony attended by representatives from the New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect, the Department of Corrections, the Juvenile Justice Commission, NJ Child Assault Prevention Project, state and local social services agencies and Parents Anonymous volunteers.

Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc., which is celebrating 25 years of service to New Jersey families this year, provides community based peer support groups for parents, a 24-hour stressline (1 800-THE KIDS), workshops and community education on parenting issues statewide. With regional offices inEast Orange and Woodbury and the main office in Hamilton, Parents Anonymous of New Jersey trains and oversees a network of over 200 volunteers who act as group facilitators and stressline workers. For information about services or to volunteer, please call (609) 585-7666 or email to

The Winner Is:

Congratulations to the Burlington County Family Support Organization for winning the Spring ?Reaching for Help is a Sign of Strength? Stressline contest! Your Parents Anonymous Prize Pack will be delivered soon!

2012 National Parent Leadership Month Get Ready to Recognize Parent Leaders!

Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc. is pleased to celebrate National Parent Leadership Month in February (2012). This major initiative will include a series of national, state, and local activities to recognize, honor, and celebrate parents for their leadership roles in their homes and communities. National Parent Leadership Month will highlight the many opportunities available for parents, professionals, policymakers and other community members to engage in partnerships with the goal of building and supporting strong, safe families.

Public and private organizations such as social services, education, juvenile justice, childcare, mental health, health, business and policymakers will promote National Parent Leadership Month in communities all around the world to:

By Parenting together to promote National Parent Leadership Month we can generate many benefits such as:

  1. Celebrating Parent Leaders in local communities
  2. Educating communities about Parent Leadership
  3. Inspiring Parents to become leaders in their homes and in their communities
  4. Providing opportunities for parents to demonstrate Parent Leadership
  5. Encouraging staff and professionals to reach out and partner with parents in leadership roles

Don?t miss the wonderful opportunity to honor Parent Leaders in your community. Contact Regina Williams at 609-585-7666 today to see how you can become involved.


We are excited to announce a new addition to our staff. Please join me in welcoming Doreen Finley and Scott Allen to our team.

Doreen, our Northern Region Coordinator is returning to us with many years of experience in group development, training coordination, and a heart for families.

Scott, our Southern Region Coordinator, comes to us with several years of experience working with family strengthening organizations, program and project coordination, marketing and technology.

You can call Doreen or Scott in our Trenton office at (609) 585-7666. They will be reaching out to all of the groups to provide technical assistance, conduct site visits, and assist with Parent Leadership Training. WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to both Doreen and Scott!!!

Parent Rap - Current Issue

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How To Control Your Anger

What Parents of Teens Can Do

Things I Can Do as a Parent to Make My Home and Community Work Better

Setting Rules with Teens

Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Helping Your Child Survive a Difficult Divorce

Why Children Misbehave

PARENT RAP is the Parents Anonymous member publication. This quarterly newsletter provides a forum for our parents to share news, stories and ideas. Every Parents Anonymous member is encouraged to submit their contribution - be the first in your group to be published!

Winter Decembec 2012

Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc. Newsletter

News You Can Use

February Parent Leadership Month



February has been declared National Parent Leadership Month.  Parents Anonymous® of New Jersey, Inc., Camden County Planning & Advocacy Council, the City of Camden, the Camden County Board of Freeholders and the Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth & Families, Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, National Institute for Family Success are collaborating with other state and local government agencies and over 20 community organizations to celebrate the unsung heroes, Parents, who strengthen families and communities throughout February. 


The creation of strong, safe families takes a partnership of parents, professionals, policymakers and other community members. National Parent Leadership Month was created in order to recognize, honor and celebrate parents for their vital leadership roles in their homes and communities and in state, national and international renas.  


The North Jersey Parent Leadership "Speak Up, Take Action, Create Change" Recognition breakfast will take place Friday, February 22, 2013 at the B.F. Johnson Community Center Metropolitan Baptist Church, 149 Springfield Avenue, Newark at 9:30a.m.  The South Jersey Parent Leadership breakfast will be held on a Saturday in February (date to be announced) at the Camden County Boat House, 7050 North Park Drive in Pennsauken.  To join in the celebrations or participate as a sponsor to honor your organization's parents, please call the Parents Anonymous office at (609) 585-7666.
A Time To Be Grateful

This year Parents Anonymous® of New Jersey, with the help of United Way of Salem County, United Way of Cumberland County, Healthfirst, Mrs. Pevs Preschool and One Simple Wish, was able to provide Thanksgiving Baskets to many needy families after Huricane Sandy. 


Here are what some recipients have said:


"Thanks, Parents Anonymous® of New Jersey, Inc. for the Thanksgiving basket.  We had nothing the day before the basket arrived.  The children loved the goodies, and we made marshmallows.  Thanks again!"
The T Family
"I am so grateful for the Thansgiving basket that I received.  It helped my family out so much.  It saved us money we really didn't have because a lot of things that were on our list was in the basket.  So thank you to any and everyone who took their time and effort to create the baskets for families and my family."
Alisha W
"The Crawford Family from Hudson County want to thank Parents Anoymous® for helping us feed our eight sons onThanksgiving.  Everyone was happy and full".
Parents Anonymous Events in the Community


Father Time - Keansburg Annual Pictures with Santa / DJ & Dance Party

Father Time members and community leaders came together to celebrate the holiday season in the face of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the Keansburg community.  Families and children came together to show their strength through shared leadership and unity to bring together a community devastated by a natural disaster that has taken many away from their homes, families and friends.


Father Time United Holiday Celebration- Bridgeton, Millville, Penns Grove, and Vineland Father Time Groups united to spread the Father Time Movement Message.  Families came together with their children to celebrate the holiday season of good food and fun.  United Way of Salem County was a major contributor of toys and gifts for the children.


Parent/Provider Summit - Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth & Families. A Camden Parent Advisory Council-hosted event at the Camden Boat House, designed to bring parents, agencies and communities together.


The Holly City Family Success Center of Millville in Cumberland County  hosted a holiday event to recognize parents in the community who use FSC services.  Designed to educate parents on products and services available for them in their community, Parents Anonymous® was a presenter.


The Commercial Township Family Success Center hosted an event to celebrate the holidays and bring some relief for families who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy in lower Cumberland County.  Over 50 familie  attended and became a part of this community outreach event. Parents Anonymous® donated toys and gifts in conjunction with agencies such as Healthfirst, United Way of Salem and Cumberland County, as well as One Simple Wish of Trenton in Mercer County.


Parents Anonymous® of NJ would like to thank all involved with the Father Time? program for their commitment and their never-say-no attitudes in regard to supporting our communities, families and children.


Parents Anonymous® of NJ would also like to extend a special thanks to all of the Parents Anonymous collaborative partners - United Way of Salem County, United Way of Cumberland County, Healthfirst, Mrs. Pev's Preschool and One Simple Wish for their time and donations to support our parents, children and families.


Upcoming Training


Leadership Training: Support Group Facilitation Skills 


Tuesday,       March 19, 2013     10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Wednesday,  March 20, 2013     10:00 am - 3:30 pm


Location:  Mercer County Family Support Organization

Open:  To those interested in starting a Parents Anonymous Support Group

Contact: Doreen Finley, (609) 585-7666  

Volunteer Highlight

"It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live."
                                            -Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus



Jeff Johnson, MSW LCSW
is the focus of this quarter's Volunteer Highlight!

Jeff Johnson knows all too well how to provide service and bring sunshine to his neighbors.  Jeff is a counselor from the Keansburg school district. With a strong conviction that parents want the best for their children but sometimes need help providing it, Jeff looks for ways to support and empower parents. Eight years ago, he began facilitating a Parents Anonymous; Parent Support Group at the elementary school where he works, and over those years Jeff has made sure that "his" parents had the benefit of all the resources Parents Anonymous and the community had to offer. Talking with mothers and fathers and asking them about their needs as parents became Jeff's way.


Most of the group members at the school are mothers and Jeff found that dads are often left out of the helping network.  Again, by speaking with parents in his community, Jeff and several dads envisioned a program just for fathers, and named it Father Time. With two years of work and assistance from the Children's Trust Fund, Father Time? became officially established in 2005.


Jeff is a full-time counselor in the Keansburg school system, facilitates a weekly Parents Anonymous® support group, serves as a director to Father Time? and is a husband and father of three.


No one can speak with Jeff without feeling his energy and enthusiasm for keeping children living in strong nurturing families. When Jeff and the Father Time? dads held a fishing derby on the Keansburg beach, 300 parents and their children turned out to try their hand at fishing and make memories along the way. The pictures of proud, smiling dads and moms with their children, their arms around each other, holding up their catches say it all - parents and children love spending time together.


Many parents are more willing to try something new, such as a parent support group, after talking with Jeff. It is his sincerity and absolute trust in a parent's ability to do right by their children that is so convincing. When Jeff, with a smile on his face and in his voice, says, "Try it," people do.


Thank you, Jeff, for all you do!


Parents Anonymous® of New Jersey, Inc. always welcomes new volunteers! Go to and choose the Volunteer tab on the left to read more about how you can contribute!
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Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc.
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Taft Fund 2013


127 Route 206 South, Suite 10
Trenton, NJ 08610

June 2013

Dear Friend,

          As many of you know, the Lawrence Taft Fund for Children was established because of Dr. Lawrence Tafts passionate belief that by helping, supporting and educating parents we protect children. His legacy gift continues to support Parents Anonymous® which has strengthening New Jersey families for over 35 years and has never charged a fee. The Lawrence Taft Fund for Children ensures that every Parents Anonymous® Parent Support group in the state that needs childcare will have it.

        Today Parents Anonymous® operates a diverse network of over 50 parent support/education groups and advocacy services that meet in communities statewide. These groups meet in schools, faith communities, Family Success Centers, Family Support Organizations, counseling centers and other safe community environments to provide support, education and help to families throughout New Jersey. These mini success centers provide isolated parents with a weekly support and advocacy group.

        As Edna Davis, our 2012 Parent Champion Award winner from Camden said in her acceptance speech, Parent Leaders are vital, because it is only when you have walked in the river, do you know where the stones are. Parents Anonymous® groups build Parent Leaders in communities; it is a program that really works.

     ;   Before I end, let me share with you the inspirational words of another Parents Anonymous® group member:

       My Parents Anonymous® group gives me a place to unload my baggage and get the help I need for myself and my children. ts like having
 ;  ;      a second family, a supportive caring place to learn and grow.;

 Mary K.

        I am asking you to donate today to the Lawrence Taft Fund for Children to help us provide child care so Mary can keep attending her Parents Anonymous® group. Knowing that she has a safe, free, site to leave her children gives Mary the peace of mind to attend group.

        Without free child care provided directly by your donation many parents would not be able to get the help they desperately need. Please join us we support the 2013 summer campaign for the Taft Fund for Children.

 With warmest regards

 Kathleen Roe
Executive Director

  P.S. Using our secure website, you can donate today at! Your contribution to the Lawrence Taft Fund is an important investment in the lives and futures of all our children.

  Parents Anonymous® is a 501 (c) (3) organization.