Parents Anonymous Parent Support Group On-Line

If you’re struggling to be the best parent you can be, join us in the new Parents Anonymous chat room. Come share your hard-won experience with other parents who are trying, like you, to keep their families strong and safe.

For those who are unable to attend a community-based parent support group, Parents Anonymous of NJ is very pleased to be able to provide an on-line support group. For 25 years, Parents Anonymous of NJ has been providing parents statewide a safe place to learn and practice new skills, share concerns and celebrate successes. Now the same support and help hundreds of New Jersey parents have found in traditional Parents Anonymous groups can be yours without leaving home!

Parenting is never easy and, when the stresses build, having an ‘expert”, another parent, to turn to can be a great relief. When help is reciprocal, parents giving and getting support from each other, personal growth and significant long-term positive changes can occur. As with all Parents Anonymous groups, this on-line group will be professionally facilitated by a volunteer trained by Parents Anonymous.

Parent Support group meets every:

Wednesday, 9:00 p.m.
Thursday, 12:00 p.m.