How To Control Your Anger

First, learn the cues that signal you’re about to lose it. Does your voice reach an abnormally high pitch? Does your child’s expression move from defiance to fear?

When you recognize the cue, retreat to your room or take a quick walk. If your kids are little and need constant supervision, you can still walk to the other side of the room to put on the radio or water a plant.

Call a friend for a chat or a hotline for advice.

Let go. Sometimes the fight isn’t worth the cost. Give in on the extra cookie or the neat room.

To gain perspective, pretend you’re looking at yourself through a one-way mirror.

Rail at the behavior, not the child. Instead of saying, "You’re driving me crazy, you’re making me late for work!" try, "This crying has to stop because it’s making us

Draw the line and boundaries clearly. If teen snaps at a parent, the parent can say: "If you had a bad day, just say so. I have bad days, too."