The Book of Rights of a Child in a Divorce

Helpful Resources for Parents

One of the best books on getting along with your ex spouse is Mom's House, Dad's House: A Complete Guide For Parents Who Are Separated, Divorced Or Remarried by Isolina Ricci.

Do a reality check on yourself and your anger by reading The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans.

Check out these web pages regarding the effects of divorce on children. Also do a web search on "divorce" to find other helpful pages.

See our own award-winning web pages on anger management at

MEDSCAPE - PEDIATRIC NEWS: Avoiding Post-divorce Pitfalls That Damage Children Predictors of successful adolescent development after divorce include re-partnering of the custodial parent and time with the non-custodial parent. (To access the article you will have to register with Medscape. Registration is free.)

AMERICAN COUNSELING ASSOCIATION: Frequently Asked Questions in Marriage and Family Counseling Legal and ethical questions are given in counseling clients involved in divorce or custody proceedings.

JOURNAL OF FAMILY PSYCHOLOGY: Delinquent Behavior, Future Divorce or Non-marital Childbearing, and Externalizing Behavior Among Offspring: This 14 year study concludes that parents' personal behavior and personality have a greater impact on their children's behavior than the parents' marital status!

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY: Making Custody Agreements Work. Ideas to help families structure custody agreements that will encourage connections to the absent parent.

IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY: Divorce Matters: Talking With Your Child's Other Parent . A good handout for divorcing parents. From: