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Parents Anonymous Parent Testimonials:

When I went to a counselor, the first thing he asked for was my insurance card, when I went to a lawyer, he asked for a retainer.  Even the parenting classes I tried charged a fee.  It seems that wherever I went to ask for help, the first thing they wanted was for me to reach into my wallet.  When I found my Parents Anonymous parent support group, the first thing they asked was how can we help you and, amazingly, never asked for money.  Eric A.

My Parents Anonymous support group helped me find the courage to change.  I felt like I was finally somewhere that would make a difference. Jackie

No parent alone has all the answers.  No parent alone can do everything, all the time.  Yet, we struggle on alone because we want to think that we can.Ana K., Parents Anonymous Parent, Keynote Speaker, 2010 Parent Leadership Conference

I knew with this, I could survive, and I know that I would have a group of people there that if I was to get stressed out one night I can call someone.  They even have a 24-hour hotline.  So I know that if anything at home goes badly, I can call for support. Glenn

"The group helped me develop friendships; Im able to go there and vent, look for and get advice and give it as well. I just like the connection; that you know youre not alone, that were all parents facing the same challenges every day.  New parents bring you back to where you were at one time, and now you can help another person."  Kathy E.


H.O.P.E.S. (for adult survivors of abuse, whether or not they are parents)


Father Time

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